Obsequis i serveis/Gifts and facilities

Cal inscriure´s per accedir a l´ obsequi i als serveis exclusius runner. / You need to do the registration  in order to have access to the gift and the exclusive runners´facilities.

Tots els runners rebran:  / All the registered runners will receive:

Un braçalet lluminós per poder practicar esport de nit amb seguretat / An illuminated bracelet to practice sport by night



A  l´arribada es podrà gaudir de: / At the arrival you can enjoy:

Tasteu el Mojito Vallhonesta, got de cervesa, entrepà, sindria i piscina. /  Taste the Mojito Vallhonesta, a beer glass, soft-drinks an sandwich, watermelon and the swimming pool.

Festa disco runner ./ Runners´ disco party atmosphere